IMC’s Services

IMC’s services, methods and techniques will vary depending on the requirements and budget of the client.

At a minimum, our planning services provide:

  • A needs assessment (basic or extensive–including review, discussion and, as required, modification of your proposed implementation strategy);
  • A proven “real world”-based business case development that has withstood numerous exhaustive reviews by administrative boards, finance committees, and hospital CFO’s;
  • Advanced process reengineering services (such as a review of department operations and recommendations for ways to improvement overall operation–many of which do not involve PACS);
  • Other tasks defined by the customer or mutually agreed upon as necessary for the project’s success. These typically are discussed on the two-day walkthrough.

Our contracts are typically broken into two parts–one for planning and the other for implementation. This assures our client that during the planning session, if we find PACS is not a viable solution (it cannot be cost justified, etc.), that the client is not obligated to pay for implementation services not rendered.

The only caveat we have is that if IMC provides the PACS planning services, we do not allow facilities to share IMC’s project plan with another consulting firm for implementation due to copyright issues (all work plans performed by IMC are copyrighted, with IMC retaining copyright and the client granted limited license to use the plan internally as required).

PACS vendor evaluation services include RFP development, RFP review and technical review and assessment, and contract development. These can be done as a single project or individually as required by the customer.

We DO NOT perform vendor implementation services as we feel would compromise the integrity and objectivity of the consultant’s role nor do we work with anyone performing these services. We instead oversee and review the implementation of the PACS project through the selected vendor(s).

A full breakdown of services can be obtained from IMC and can be modified to meet the specific needs of the client.