Customer Corner

Who Are IMC’s Customers

At last count, IMC has been involved in over 350 engagements, 150 or so that resulted in full implementations and more than 200 for PACS evaluation, planning and upgrades including Vendor Neutral Archives (VNA) and related areas. Most of the implementations were for installations between $500K and $2 million, although smaller scale implementations were done for radiology groups and imaging centers and larger ones for multiple sites. These involved clinical systems interfaces (including planning for hospital-wide integrated information and image management systems–such as Web-based services–and integration of other clinical systems (pathology, cardiology, HIS, RIS, and so on), archives, as well as LAN and WAN planning and integration.

Our clients range from 50-bed hospitals and small imaging centers to multi-site facilities comprised of over 1,500 beds. IMC has successfully worked with more than 300 facilities in determining their PACS needs.